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Whitey Remodeling & Interiors is full service residential remodeling division of Whitey Exteriors. We offer all of your remodeling needs such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements, & Additions. There is no project too big or too small that Monty our project manager, and Bobbie our design manager are not prepared to help with. 

We provide free estimates for every project and offer a 3D design concept if needed. This helps with the finer details that are needed before your construction process.  The remodel process is broken down in our detailed contracts. This allows our clients to walk through their project process before it starts.  We also have an online dashboard that tracks all products, materials, and helps ensure a clear view of the financial aspects throughout the project.

As the design manager, Bobbie assists with all of the client's interior design needs.  Her expertise on products, materials, and vendors helps them feel comfortable with their decisions.  Part of her process is taking each client on a detailed shopping day to pick out the products going into each space. She is also very skilled at showing clients what their options are for their space, long before the work begins.

As the project manager of this division, Monty will provide a detailed estimated timeline for our client’s project before work has started.  He ensures all details are relayed to the trades working on site in a timely manner.  He will communicate and conduct an on-site inspection periodically throughout the work to ensure details are not missed.  His relationships with trades help provide a safe and inclusive environment while construction is happening in the home.

Bobbie and Monty have built a trade network that they trust and value over the years.  They have the skill set and customer skills to ensure each step is completed to all city and state regulations.       

We take pride in the communication necessary to ensure you are involved along the way.  Construction isn’t easy, takes time, and can be overwhelming.  Let us help you through your next project to make it as seamless as possible.

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